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What I teach: old time fiddling, plus guitar and bass across a number of styles: contradance music, early swing tunes, Cajun music. I like to sing and play guitar, and I can teach you how to call a square dance! Click on the small pictures below for some very basic music lessons.

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   A young bass enthusiast at the Centralia Campout.

Music Lessons

Largely self taught I am sensitive to the unorthodox paths many people take in their musical lives. My goal is to discover and then enhance what you already know- to build upon existing knowlege and skills, so that you may become your own teacher.

I began playing guitar at the tag end of the Folk Scare, and because I've always loved to sing, much of what I have learned on guitar is as a backup player. Raised on classical music, Broadway shows, folk music and Rock and Roll, I found my way into the world of traditional music, which is where most of my strengths are.

Facts of Music, Part 1
My friend Riley, some years ago

Swan's Canon

Plays well with others